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    19 things you must do to be successful


    4.                   You have to take care of others more than they take care of you.

    5.                   You have to keep fighting even when you are bloddy and bruised.

    6.                   You have to take risks when you feel like being cautious.

    7.                   You have to be on top of things when no one is following you yet.

    8.                   You have to invest in yourself even when no one else is doing it.

    9.                   You have to look silly when you are looking for answers to your questions.

    10.               You have to focus on the details when it is easier to shrug them off.

    11.               You have to get results when it is easier to make up excuses.

    12.               You have to find your own explanations even when you agree with others.

    13.               You have to make mistakes and look dumb.

    14.               You have to try again, fail and try again.

    15.               You have to run faster even when you are out of breath.

    16.               You have to be kind to the person who was cruel to you.

    17.               You have to meet deadlines that feel irrational and you have to get results no one else has achieved yet.

    18.               You have to be responsible for your actions even when life goes bad.

    19.               You have to keep moving forward in spite of obstacles in your way.

    You have to deal with complicated things. Things that everyone tries to avoid. Things that scare you. Things that make you wonder whether you will have enough strength to keep going.

    Those are the things that define you. The things that separate the life of an ordinary person from that of a successful person.

    The hard things are the easiest things to avoid. Finding excuses as to why it is not for you is the easiest thing to do.

    How do ordinary people achieve great success? A simple explanation – they do the hard things that the brave, smart and qualified people are too reasonable or too scared to do.

    Do the hard things. You will be surprised how amazing you actually are.


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