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    APOSTILLE (legalization)

    Authentication of a document (legalization) is an authentication of a State official's signature and seal affixed on a document so that public documents issued in one country would be officially recognized in another country.

    You do not have to thoroughly research and reread the laws regarding this process. We will take all actions necessary to ensure a successful legalization of the documents.

    Authentication of documents usually takes 2 working days.

    When submitting documents, you have to clarify at the corresponding state institutions whether it is necessary to certify:

    *  only the original of the document/certified copy of the document;

    *  only the translation of the document;

    *  both the original/certified copy and the translation of the document

    If you have any questions regarding legalization, please contact us by phone by calling the number below or by email.

    1 Apostille costs 30.00 EUR


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